Almost all linear motors require the use of Epoxy to potting /encapsulating the winding group, whether the winding group is designed as a rotor or stator. In this process, the most basic function of Epoxy is to make the motor more beautiful and avoid exposure of the winding group. More importantly, it can achieve insulation and anti-vibration of the winding group, improving the overall life and stability of the motor.


The motor engineer needs to take care of many details before the Epoxy potting/encapsulating process. Otherwise, the motor may encounter a series of problems such as excessive working temperature of the winding group, motor deformation or resin cracking.

Stator windings potting


The first is the structure of the mold. Proper design of a mold can make quicker potting of the Epoxy in the linear motor winding group, and also ensure that internal bubbles can effectively discharge with the help of the vacuum system.


The second step is to select a material of "high compatibility" based on the motor condition. This is usually done in cooperation with a professional Epoxy supplier, since there are a lot of elements to consider at the same time when determining whether an Epoxy is appropriate, such as post-mixing viscosity, operable time, thermal performance, mechanical properties, curing procedures, and so on. Epoxy's thermal performance is also an important indicator for most linear motors, especially for winding groups with large heat release during working. Epoxy with high thermal conductivity can maintain a lower overall temperature of the motor, and make temperature between the windings more average.


Wilkon has nearly 10 years of experience in the field of linear motors. We have come into contact with a number of linear motors with different constructions, fully understand the needs of different clients and have provided materials of "highest compatibility" to them. Today, more than thirty well-known linear motor manufacturers are using our materials.


Since Wilkon's  foundation, we have established cooperation with a number of powerful state-owned enterprises, military enterprises, listed companies, private companies or international companies. We provide quality-stable materials and efficient service. Our sales staff has gone through rigorous training and has extensive application experience. These all guarantee that Wilkon constantly gets more customers’ trust and recognition. If there’s any inquiry on chemical materials, please feel free to contact us.
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