對于需要實現防水,即達到IP67防護等級的AC/DC 風扇電機來講,使用環氧樹脂澆注/密封繞線組和PCB是目前最有效的解決方案。

For AC/DC Fan Motor which requires water protection (ie IP67 or IP68), the use of Epoxy to potting / encapsulate the winding group and PCB is the most effective solution currently.


In the past cases, we saw that some clients would like to make Fan Motor to obtain IP67 even IP68 rating by using coating, but this will only allow Fan Motor to keep away from moisture rather than water. Once the coating which is thin with limited strength is immersed in water, it will soon be broken down and destroyed, and ultimately lose protection. Moisture and soaking in water are two different degrees of environmental factors for electrical products.

AC/DC 風扇電機采用環氧樹脂實現澆注/密封的工藝主要存在以下兩方面的難點:

There are two difficulties for AC/DC Fan Motor to use Epoxy to achieve the Epoxy casting / encapsulating process:


First of all, most of the Fan Motor size is very small with high requirements on dimensional accuracy. Fan Motor has a lot of small gaps inside, and most of the Epoxy is difficult for potting. If the client requires Epoxy with high thermal conductivity, it’ll increase the viscosity of Epoxy, making potting more difficult.

其次,AC/DC 風扇電機的市場特點決定只有實現高效的批量生產才能夠獲利,意味著模具的裝配到環氧樹脂澆注灌封都不能過于復雜,否則會導致產品成本過高。

Secondly, AC/DC Fan Motor's market characteristics determine that only efficient batch production can be profitable, meaning that it cannot be too complicated from mold assembly to Epoxy potting, otherwise it will lead to excessive product cost.


We can see that the key to solving the problem lies in the design of the mold and reasonable choice of Epoxy. The exhaust path of the mold should be reasonable, and Epoxy’ characteristics in the flow phase and its "reaction" under vacuum condition should be taken full account of. Epoxy requires a low mixing viscosity and easy defoaming under the premise that its thermal conductivity meets client’s requirements. Once you master these points, most difficulties can be resolved successfully.

對于AC/DC 風扇電機制造業,Wilkon的價值在于即能夠向客戶提供高性價比的環氧樹脂,也具備模具設計能力。Wilkon掌握具有自主知識產權和專利的制造方案,讓風扇電機更容易實現IP67的防護等級。我們可以為客戶提供技術咨詢,也向客戶共享我們的制造方案。

For AC/DC Fan Motor manufacturing, Wilkon's value lies in the ability to provide cost-effective Epoxy and the capabilities of mold design. Wilkon has mastered the manufacturing program of independent intellectual property rights and patent, which makes Fan Motor much easier to obtain IP67 or IP68 rating. We can provide technical advice to our clients and share our manufacturing solutions with our clients.


Since Wilkon's  foundation, we have established cooperation with a number of powerful state-owned enterprises, military enterprises, listed companies, private companies or international companies. We provide quality-stable materials and efficient service. Our sales staff has gone through rigorous training and has extensive application experience. These all guarantee that Wilkon constantly gets more customers’ trust and recognition. If there’s any inquiry on chemical materials, please feel free to contact us.
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