Over the past decade, Wilkon's materials have successfully helped various fields and products to solve problems demanding prompt solution.


Since Wilkon's  foundation, we have established cooperation with a number of powerful state-owned enterprises, military enterprises, listed companies, private companies or international companies. We provide quality-stable materials and efficient service. Our sales staff has gone through rigorous training and has extensive application experience. These all guarantee that Wilkon constantly gets more customers’ trust and recognition. If there’s any inquiry on chemical materials, please feel free to contact us.
TEL:+86 0755-83665090
FAX: +86 0755-83682761
ADD: 深圳市龍華新區梅龍路優品文化創意園2棟208

TEL:+86 0755-83665090
Room 208, Block 2, Youpin Cultural Creative Park, Meilong Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen

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